Whether it’s to maintain or repair your heating or air conditioning system, our Service Department offers efficiency and quality. We’ve been meeting our clients’ needs for more than 40 years, and we count on our team’s professionalism to provide an impeccable customer service to our precious clients.

Our service technicians are qualified and trained to work on all brands and styles of units :

  • Window air conditioning system (in the workshop)
  • Wall-mounted air conditioning system installed through the wall (in the workshop)
  • Portable air conditioning system (in the workshop)
  • PTACS units
  • GEOTHERMAL Systems (Open Loop, Closed-Loop, Horizontal, Direct Expansion)
  • Hot air and hot water furnaces (electrical, gas and oil)
  • Bi-energy
  • Central heat pump and air conditioning system
  • Central overhead attic system
  • Bi-block wall-mounted air conditioning system
  • Air exchanger
  • Radiant floor
  • And much more…

Let us take care of your heating or air conditioning system and you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the service our team will provide you with!

fleche jaune KLIMFAX is always concerned about its clients. In order to provide you with professional and efficient service and have you save on a useless service call, take a few minutes to read the following guidelines to follow in case your device fails to work. For an immediate service request for your system, click here!


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For EXTREME EMERGENCY service requests outside office hours, please contact the following number directly 514-906-6460 and choose 7 from the main menu. A service technician will contact you shortly, 24/7.