Floors can be heated 2 ways: by an electric wire (Flextherm) or with hot water (hydronic).

Both options will increase your comfort level and the resale value of your property. Whether it is for a room or for your entire home, the radiant heated floors allows you to control your comfort and the related costs through the installation of multiple thermostats. To guarantee its efficiency, the concrete slabs must be well insulated. Although this technology cannot be used to control humidity, it still remains an excellent heating method for those looking for comfort and energy efficiency.

plancher radiant

Flextherm (by an electric wire)

Flextherm products aim at offering the best floor heating systems. The quality of this healthy and sustainable product is second to none. These products suit all types of projects and can meet the expectations of even the most demanding owners.

Here are a few Flextherm product advantages :

• Can be installed in any room
• Are energy efficient (up to 28% energy savings)
• Are comparable to most floor coverings: ceramic, natural stone, linoleum, floating floor, engineered wood, etc…
• Keep the indoor air healthy: they do not dry up the air and do not spread dust or germs;
• No decoration constraints
• Maintenance-free

Hydronic (with hot water)

The main advantage of hydronic radiant heating versus the electrical system is that you can count on all heat and fuel sources.
The hot water radiant heated floor is a system that warms up and cools off slowly given that it distributes heat evenly throughout the slab. It is mainly used to keep a constant temperature.

Through its various installations, KLIMFAX developed strong expertise in the field of hydronic radiant heated floors. Whether it is using an electric boiler, gas, oil or a geothermal system, we can adapt to all types of heat and fuel sources to supply your radiant heated floor.
As specialists, we have what it takes to complete your bathroom, basement and home projects.


Klimfax also specializes in the installation of snow and ice melting systems that adapt to the harsh winter conditions. The snow and ice will melt, evaporate and leave the surface dry regardless of the covering (asphalt, concrete, granite…).

Make all your surfaces safe including your entrance, the area around your spa, your alley or your staircase with a snow melting Radiant floor system.


Our showroom is designed to help you select a system that will provide you with the best comfort at home among the various air quality accessories.

Come live the KLIMFAX experience with demonstrator systems and our consultants who will be happy to present you with a wide array of products.