Heat pumps can help to refresh you during the summer and heat up your house during the winter. This economical purchase is a hybrid system that adapts to the temperature of each season.

When it comes to choosing your heat pump, there are several factors to consider :
- The higher the SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor), higher the number the more the heat pump is efficient.
- The unit’s sound level (in operation but also in defrost mode)
- The quality of the components that guarantee the heat pump’s solidity and longevity
- New technologies that now allow high-quality heat pumps to be efficient at up to -30 degrees Celsius

Carrier offers you the same array of products for central air conditioner only units.

The following table compares the products offered :

Flèche bleu COMPARATIVE TABLE – HEAT PUMPS Tableau thermopompe

Our showroom is designed to help you select a system that will provide you with the best comfort at home among the various heat pump categories.

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