Leader in the field of geothermal installations throughout Quebec, KLIMFAX offers more than six different types of technologies to suit the needs of all clients, and at very competitive prices!

Geothermal technology remains the most reliable, cost-effective, ecological and efficient system on the market. The principle of a geothermal system consists in using earth energy, found at 10 degrees Celsius in Quebec both in winter and summer, to then transfer it to an indoor heat pump system that will produce both heating and air conditioning. This system is 75% more cost-effective than a traditional heating and air conditioning system.


KLIMFAX offers various types of geothermal installations and is proud to be considered a specialist in this field. Indeed, KLIMFAX obtained all design and installation certifications for all the types of systems offered.

Different types of geothermal systems offered at KLIMFAX:

  • Antifreeze vertical closed-loop geothermal system
  • Open-loop geothermal system
  • Antifreeze closed-loop horizontal geothermal system
  • Vertical direct expansion geothermal system (very high efficiency)
  • Horizontal direct expansion geothermal system (very high efficiency)
  • Hybrid geothermal system (AIR or Geothermal)

Whether it’s for an installation on a hot water heating system, radiant floor system or forced air distribution, we can meet all your needs and propose the most cost-effective and efficient system for your home.

We also have very small drilling equipment to drill geothermal wells without damaging your landscaping and ease access to the drilling point. The unit used only measures 4 feet wide and 8 feet long and can dig up to 600 feet to 6 inches in diameter with no constraints.

The Direct Expansion technology (DX) remains one of the most efficient technologies on the market by reducing the heat losses of the plastic pipes, by using the compressor’s refrigerant liquid directly towards the ground and capturing the heat with very conductive copper pipes for optimal efficiency. These systems are up to 30% more efficient than traditional antifreeze geothermal systems and offer numerous installation advantages. First, the property suffers a lot less damage as we use a diagonal drilling technology with wells measuring only 3 inches diameter each. Then, given the efficiency of copper pipes, we only use 100 feet of drilling per geothermal “ton”, instead of 150 feet per “ton” for an antifreeze system. That said, the Direct Expansion technology is still a very efficient system at a very competitive price given the reduced prices of geothermal drilling.


Please contact one of our technical consultants for more information on our various technologies and don’t hesitate to come visit our functional installations in our SHOWROOM. We have functional Direct Expansion technologies for heating and air conditioning and antifreeze geothermal installations on our premises in order for you to familiarize yourself with a geothermal system network.