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A Direct Exchange DX geothermal system is more efficient than an air heat pump because the temperature of the earth is always constant. Air heat pumps lose heating efficiency as the outdoor air temperature falls. However, a geothermal pump that services a building, whether that building is located in Australia, Alaska or in Quebec, will always have the same guaranteed efficiency because it doesn’t depend on atmospheric conditions, but on terrestrial conditions that remain uniform and stable at all times.

When comparing a DX system to a traditional geothermal heat pump (that uses antifreeze as a secondary fluid in the geothermal exchanger), you would find a 5 to 6% energy loss due to thermal transfer. A larger geothermal field is also required than for the DX system. As a result, the initial

The Direct Exchange DX system is also certified by the CANADIAN GEOEXCHANGE COALITION, in accordance with CSA 448 installation standards.

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