> FURNACES (Electric, Gas, Oil)

As a heating system, hydronic and forced air furnaces successfully combine comfort and energy efficiency, which allows you to save money and the planet.

For gas and oil furnaces, the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) coefficient indicates the percentage of energy converted to heat. The higher the coefficient, the greater the efficiency and, as a result, the more you save. We also offer innovative variable speed fan coil units (electric furnaces), which can increase your system’s SEER coefficient up to two points. These systems reduce your energy consumption sufficiently to make you save and also provide a more comfortable environment inside the home than traditional systems.

Furnaces should be quiet, easy to maintain and reliable. At Klimfax, we offer an array of state-of-the-art gas, oil and electric furnaces. We propose the furnaces that will best suit your needs, depending on your type of fuel or energy source.

The following table compares the products offered :

Flèche bleu COMPARATIVE TABLE – GAZ FURNACES Fournaise au gaz

Flèche bleu COMPARATIVE TABLE – ELECTRIC FURNACES Fournaise électrique

Our showroom is designed to help you select a system that will provide you with the best comfort at home among the various furnace categories.

Come live the KLIMFAX experience with demonstrator systems and our consultants who will be happy to present you with a wide array of products.