At KLIMFAX, we aspire to offer the best possible comfort to our clients. This is how we specialize in central air conditioning, heat pump and heating systems. Whether it is to install a new complete ventilation system or simply to replace your outdated unit, we’ll be happy to advise you on the product that will best meet your needs and offer you a quality installation. It’s GUARANTEED!


Our specialties:

  • Air quality: Humidifier, Air exchanger, UV lamps, High-efficiency filtration
  • Central air conditioning/heat pump system in addition to an existing furnace
  • Replacement of an Air conditioning/Heat pump system
  • Bi-energy installation (accredited by HYDRO-QUEBEC)
  • Replacement of an electrical, gas (propane or natural) or oil furnace.
  • Replacement of an electrical hot water, gas (high-efficiency installation), or oil (Bi-energy) boiler.
  • Installation of an overhead central system through the roof attic.
  • Complete ventilation central system throughout the basement for an existing or new construction home.

We’re proud to carry a wide inventory of high-end CARRIER products to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our various promotions and new products!

Our showroom is designed to help you choose the system that will provide you with the best in-house comfort among the various categories of heat pumps, furnaces and air quality accessories. Come live the KLIMFAX experience with demonstrator systems and consultants who will be pleased to present our wide array of products.


Proud dealer of Carrier products.